AI contract combines the artificial intelligence with the blockchain technology to reshape the new blockchain technology application. And the AI contract is a new generation of intelligent blockchain underlying system with four capabilitie, including ability to quantify the problem of orientation, ability of civilian applications for ordinary users to accept and use; ability of bionic thinking evolution with the intervention of industrial intelligence; the public capacity of computing power through the continuous learning and application practice. The AI contract will open up the era of the application of the whole nationalized blockchain technology, and is committed to providing services for everyone.


  • Advantage innovation

    Advantage innovation

    Advantage innovation

    Artificial Intelligence (Bionic Intelligence) is also called machine intelligence, which refers to the intelligence mirrored from the system created artificially. Artificial intelligence usually refers to the intelligence realized through computer. The research on artificial intelligence is highly technical and professional. The research in each branch area is deep and not connected. So, it covers a wide range of areas.

  • Advantage innovation

    Advantage innovation

    Advantage innovation

    Each parameter of AI contract is stored in the special block. But as many parameters of block chain belong to latent variables such as transaction activity and user credibility, AI contract can identify the dependence relationship and dependence degree among each latent variable through Bayesian network model and structural learning algorithm. The parameter identification process of a typical bionic intelligence is as below. Now we are preparing to insert this algorithm in the special mining chips to realize the dynamic optimizations of parameters.

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    Advantage innovation

    Advantage innovation

    The bionic intelligence optimization rules for AI contract parameter include below: (1) Ensure that AI contract can survive and maximize monetary returns; (2) Ensure that AI contract can maximize the bionic intelligence service. (3) Guarantee discourse power and activity of all nodes in AI contract; (4) Guarantee priority of bionic intelligent parameter configuration in AI contract Each rule mentioned above can be evaluated by a quantifiable objective function. For example, the survival principle and monetary return maximization principle of AI contract will evaluate the transaction frequency, electric bills, transaction network cost, mining returns, service returns of bionic intelligence for all networks through prior configured parameters and confirm the profits at that moment.


As a new generation of block chain, the core idea of AI contract is to build a block chain that can

complete natural revolution and create a user-friendly ecosystem that is faced to cloud service 

and closely related to bionic intelligence through artificial intelligence. 

Traditional block chain settles the issue of delivering credible information and value transition on the 

unauthentic channels. And consensus mechanism settles how to reach an agreement under the distributed

circumstance. Consensus mechanism settles the issue of mutual trust among nodes in the decentralized thinking. 

The introduction of Ethereum intelligent contract 2.0 makes block chain technology closer to the reality and extend to social life and business. But AI contract introduces artificial intelligence from underlying and involves artificial intelligence (bionic intelligence) into “judgement” and “execution” that can only be completed with human’s assistance. And “collective wisdom” and “contract constitution” will also be introduced. It will take full advantage of self-learning ability of bionic intelligence to constantly improve block chain, then a block chain ecosystem with human consciousness and thinking will be really realized.

The Definitions of Bionic Artificial Intelligence

The new generation of block chain technology has creatively introduced artificial intelligence into block chain industry and combined these two together, creating a product that transcends the times. AI contract is not an agent, but an underlying system that can realize intelligence collaboration and open source on block chain. It has created a platform and provided a corresponding programming language, which enables developers to establish and publish next generation of distributed application through artificial intelligence calculation and block chain technology and provides an open tool for everyone to easily use intelligence collaboration function.

What is “Bionic” Blockchain
The so-called “bionic” block chain is the technology that combines block chain with “artificial intelligence” and enables “bionic” technology to break through the limitations of traditional technology by the technology features such as de-centralization and distributed data base on block chain. As a brand new application field in block chain, “bionic” block chain makes artificial intelligence more developed and safer, even more meaningful to learn.


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